Overview of IOTCompas.

IOTCompas operates in Strategic and IT Staffing Consulting. We started our operation 2018 and in the span of 5 years; we have 70 plus happy customers and 45 plus happy technology partners. IOTCompas core team include IT veterans in their respective industrial sector and brought in the solution mechanism of ongoing challenges in IT staffing globally.

We designed custom solution of IT Staffing post identifying the root challenges of skilled resource hiring and management in specific industrial SECTOR AND SEGMENT.

Our vision is too different our services through strategic and tactical contributions during IT Staffing and Consulting to ensure higher revenue per employee by keeping long term collaborations objectives.

Given the platform of technology savvy team members and contributors; IOTCompas objective is to offer its service with seamless execution and post execution monitoring.

IOTCompas focusses on cutting edge technologies such as ERP, CRM, HRM, Database, Cloud Solution, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Security, Blockchain and offer hierarchy ranging from CTO to Developers.

IOTCompas’ goal is to act as an equilibrium for its esteemed customers and partners and henceforth improve ROI and reduce TCA for the stakeholders.

Why Choose Us.

IOTCompas deserves to have your confidence given the differentiation it brings to potential collaboration. We consider our partner or customer team members as extended team members to achieve a common goal.

We are a team of experienced professionals and are quick to map the requirements into a strategy for the implementation of potential solutions. We define a solution with a vision of creating one and replicating it many times.

We bring Strategic. Tactical, Technical collaboration to ensure service and revenue assurance. The close mapping of quality monitoring and assurance gives us an edge to deliver with maximum accuracy

Our solutioning against assigned assignment improves awareness, branding, content adoption, and digital assets creation.

We excel in defining GTM, Competitor, Risk, and Change Analysis to position proposed products, platforms, applications, or services adoption.


Awesome Team Leader

We Offer 360-degree delivery