• Engineering management to scale effectively using informed trade-offs around cost, latency, and other performance constraints.
  • Experience in tools and apps usage that can be used to profile systems and reads the depth of core technology.
  • Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders on Product design, architecture, development
  • Identify and debug bottlenecks to improve end-user experience and evaluate efficient technological changes
  • Help determine scaling and utilization parameters for various service tiers optimizing memory/CPU/system stability characteristics.
  • Build observability and nudging to proactively inform people about regression trends in latency, develop performance and capacity-related assessments and experiments for benchmarking


  • Prior experience in building Apps & Tools. Performance Testing and Engineering strategies, principles, methodologies, tools (Gatling, JMeter, Tsung), etc.
  • Written high-quality code in a programming language (Java/C++/Python/Javascript / DotNet/Golang).
  • Strong capabilities in Oracle/MS-SQL/MySQL/Postgres databases. Dev/Design & Tuning/Monitoring (AWR, ASH, ADDM, TkProf, etc.).
  • Strong knowledge of tuning and Database Administration over NOSQL – Cassandra, MongoDB, and Apache Ignite.
  • Knowledge of Caching solutions/strategies (Redis/ Memcache / Infinispan/ Hazelcast, etc.)
  • *nix OS (Shell programming/scripting, Tuning/Monitoring) using tools like tcp dumps, Wireshark, netstat, vmstat, iostat, top, sar, etc.
  • JVM Tuning, Monitoring, Thread & Heap dump analysis. Proficiency in using tools like JVisualVM, JConsole, JFR, MAT, etc.
  • Performance optimization of application containers like Nginx/Tomcat/Apache HTTP Server/IIS
  • Experience in Performance Engineering in Cloud environments like Google Cloud (GCP), Azure Cloud
  • Experience in Performance Engineering in a container-based environment like Kubernetes, and Apache Mesos.
  • Knowledge of Terraform, Ansible, Chef, and Puppet.
  • Experience in running Performance Engineering optimization over DataLake or Data Platforms (Big Data/Hadoop/Hive/Spark)
  • Developed data analysis tools or visualization of real-world applications and network performance.

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