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IOTCompas established itself as a leading IT staffing company with the goal of offering skilled and committed resources.

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IOTCompas established itself as a leading IT staffing company with the goal of offering skilled and committed resources. The ongoing challenge faced by industrial sectors to onboard skilled resources under lateral hiring impacted ongoing and upcoming projects. The continuous global adoption of technology and digital transformation added to challenges. IOTCompas IT staffing business unit resolves the challenges by offering on/off-site resources across the IT domain.

The adoption of new technologies and foundation technologies of IT network-based resource availabilities are in the low single digits wherein IOTCompas successfully maintains bench strength to fulfill your requirements.

IOTCompas successfully deputed SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, CRM/ERP, Cloud Solutions, Data Science, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, DevOps, Security, Frontend, Backend, and E-Commerce-based resources to global companies.

IOTCompas implemented different processes and methodologies to mitigate any leakage in resource deputation, management, and performance.



We offer 7C’s Components consulting services covering different consulting activities.

Regulatory & Policies

Navigating complex regulations, shaping policies, ensuring compliance, and fostering growth


Cultivating strategic partnerships, driving collaborations, and fostering alliances for mutual success

Market Research

Informed decisions through precise data, insightful analysis, and strategic market research

Adoption Pattern

Identifying trends, analyzing behaviors, and optimizing strategies for adoption patterns

Digital Fraud

Shielding businesses with advanced solutions against evolving digital fraud threats.

Digital Data Protection & Privacy

Securing digital assets, ensuring privacy compliance, and safeguarding sensitive data.

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Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting

IOTCompas monitors the performance of deputed resources through its dedicated project manager. This is to improve RoI, Revenue per deputed resources, and improve productivity.

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IOTCompas other business units are focused on consulting domain. We established ourselves as leading service providers to many brands in Partnership and alliances to improve business reach out across different geographies. We possess extensive expertise in India Regulatory and Policy domain across industrial sectors.

IOTCompas being run by Industry veterans who helped many companies in Digital Transformation and reaping in benefits of the same. We help companies and brands to strategically define their GTM to Digitize, Advertise and Monetize.

IOTCompas governance business unit helps companies to define and monitor their IT policies to improve Data protection and mitigate any possibilities of data or digital frauds.

IOTCompas business unit of Strategy helps companies to engage our experts to define strategy across Product Profiling, Positioning through detailed competitor, risk, regulatory environment. We also help you to generate new business aligned with your offered product or services.


We validate Commitment, Conviction & Communication as must have skills in any resources.

Partnership & Alliances


Digital Protection & IT Policies

New Business Opportunities

Regulatory & Compliances

Market Research

Lateral Recruitment & Placement

Companies across different geographies experienced a changed environment of hiring process post covid-19. The life-threatening virus impacted millions and impact billions in the form of stress and anxiety. The inflicted fear led to a demand for skilled resources to look for Work from Home. Many fortune 500 companies opted for permanent Work from Home to give resources flexibility as well as reduce their operational cost in double digits of revenue.

The above changed the dynamics of Lateral Hiring and companies experiencing major challenges in attracting skilled resources and convince them to work from the office.

Almost 99% of companies are experiencing non-show by new joiners on joining day.

IOTCompas introduced an internal methodology to motivate skilled candidates to opt for offered positions by IOTCompas and checks candidates Conviction, Commitment and Communications skills during shortlisting of candidates during level 1 screening.

IOTCompas skilled recruiters are having strong knack in Technology supported by experienced managers, and it helps in higher than industry average of onboarding.

We offer lateral hiring in India only whereas IT staffing on Global level.


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